The Friday Five: First Impressions

This week on the Friday 5 was extremely difficult! Firstly because of the range of truly exciting and inspirational photos i’ve looked at over the week and only picking five is somewhat a task! Secondly, because I’m having to use a different computer and working on Internet Explorer absolutely sucks! What is Internet Explorer actually doing? It was the go to browser in 1999 but now it is totally outdated and my blog looks like I’ve just emptied a whole bucket of photos on to the main page because IE doesn’t properly support wordpress!! Argghh!! But on with the Fri5!!

Through the amazing world wide wibe these are the five photos that either made me think, what, haha, thats cool, what the hell and God thats misty! That probably makes no sense to anyone but generally when I look at photographs its my first impression which initially makes the impact on me and these are the first words that come to me!

Click on the gallery of images to find who, what, where, when and why they were taking! Get inspired! Get InspoDesigned!

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