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Photos of the week … “Do the chickens have large Talons?”

This is our new amazing post idea! *ahem-ahem* “Photo’s of the week”. We have brought what everyone has been calling for and every Friday from this day onwards we will be bringing the finest 5 photos of the week from around the world!!

Stay tuned because its going to be tantalizingly awesome!

A Palestinian throws a stone towards Israeli forces                                 A sparrow in Berlin

Allahabad, India: An Indian boy jumps into the Ganges River                         A leopard (Panthera pardus) looks up fro

A Cathedral, Some Snow and One Atmospheric Photo…

A Cathedral, Some Snow and a Nice Photography...

This is a photo I took coming out of work this weekend in the snowy UK weather conditions.

The weather sucks but it makes for good shooting material. This was taken with a basic iPhone 4S because my camera wasn’t handy. I thought it was a nice photo what do you think?